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2.4G Low Latency Gaming Mouse (4K/8K)

The national e-sports boom has promoted the development of the e-sports hardware industry to a certain extent, and e-sports players need not only good hand speed, but also good equipment. At the same time, under the strong development of the e-sports industry, whether it is PC, mobile phone, or peripherals, there has been a great degree of progress. On the mouse side, the Report Rate is an important performance metric, and a higher Report Rate means lower latency, which is important for competitive games. Therefore, the 4K/8K Report Rate mouse is a blessing for e-sports enthusiasts, a breakthrough in mouse products, and a new trend in the direction of mouse products. 

What are 4K and 8K?

With many gaming mice limited to the speed of 1000Hz, these 4K gaming mice have a 4000Hz polling rate, which is four times the average. A 4000Hz polling rate simply implies that the wireless gaming mouse will refresh its position on the computer screen 4000 times per second. 8000 Hz polling rate for the fastest speed and lowest latency ever achieved.

4000 vs 1000 Hz Polling Rate

Solution Overview:

1. The mouse supports USB connection

2. Roller working mode: two-way, photoelectric type

3. Radio Report Rate can reach 4K

4. Support RGB lighting effects, which can be modified based on the application layer

5. Support the communication protocol of the host computer, which needs to be developed by the user

6. Support USB upgrade, BLE OTA upgrade, and update firmware

Bluetooth and Wireless Connectivity Features of the Mouse

Multi-Mode Connectivity

Supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), private 2.4G wireless connection, and wired connection.

Offers flexible connectivity options, adaptable to various usage scenarios.

Ultra Low Latency Wireless Communication

Achieves a minimum communication delay of 1ms, suitable for gaming environments requiring quick response.

Power-Saving Design

Utilizes microamp-level standby current to prolong battery life.

Wireless Portability

Easy to carry and use, without the constraints of cables.

Precision Control

Enhanced control through advanced optical or laser sensors, crucial for success in games like shooting and strategy.

Customization and Personalization

Adjustable buttons and settings for players to personalize their experience, including lighting effects, DPI adjustments, and assigning functions to mouse buttons.

Adaptation to Various Game Types

More programmable buttons, with emphasis on precision and quick response for shooting games, catering to different gaming preferences.

Enhancing Gaming Experience

High-performance and precise control contribute to an immersive gaming experience, allowing players to deeply engage in games with smooth gameplay.

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*Due to the characteristics of wireless communication, the actual communication distance is affected by antenna, surrounding environment, interference, shielding and other factors. In addition, under the same circumstances, a lower air rate can achieve a longer communication distance.