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Indoor Navigation Solution

What is Indoor Navigation Solution?

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) represent a cutting-edge technology that enables precise localization within enclosed spaces where traditional GPS signals are the indoor location technology market, various localization methods exist, with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons standing as the most recognized approach. These beacons can be classified into two categories: iBeacon, a proprietary technology pioneered by Apple, and Eddystone, an open-source protocol developed by Google.

Why Indoor Navigation Solution?
1.RFI positioning accuracy, Wi-Fi cost price is relatively high. Bluetooth Beacon has high positioning accuracy, wide coverage and low cost.
2.Beacon adopts Bluetooth 4.2/5.0 technology, and the power is very low.
3.The Bluetooth positioning system can view the real-time location and trajectory of the device.
4.The Bluetooth positioning system supports electronic fence monitoring. When the device moves out of the monitoring range, the system pushes a warning message.

How does Indoor Navigation Solution Work?
Indoor navigation leverages beacons or Bluetooth Gateway wireless access points placed throughout a facility, along with indoor maps, to create a comprehensive indoor positioning system. On compatible mobile apps, users have within meters-accuracy of their location layered on top of the indoor maps and routing throughout the facility, with precise guidance to a selected destination. Indoor navigation works with the building layout to incorporate features like stairs, floors, and rooms into the routing.

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