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Wireless BMS Solution

What is wBMS (Wireless Battery Management System)?

Wireless battery management system (wBMS) is a purpose-built solution, tailored for high reliability and the low latency requirements of automotive battery management systems. The wBMS network provides robust connectivity for the supervision of battery cells and control of the balancing current in electric vehicles or other large energy storage systems.

The wireless battery management system (wBMS) consists of ADI developed software that resides on a specifically developed system-on-chip. This low power integrated system-on-chip includes a 2.4 GHz ISM band radio and an embedded microcontroller (MCU) subsystem. These devices provide wireless communications between the battery cell monitoring chip and the battery management system controller (BMS controller).

Why Wireless Battery Management System? 

The BLE module incorporates Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connectivity to interface with smart devices and cloud servers over-the-air, in order to upload battery telemetry data and receive remote control commands. Furthermore, an ultra low power microcontroller unit (MCU) is embedded on module, which not only controls the internal Bluetooth system-on-chip, but can also directly manage external battery management circuits for monitoring battery status.

●  Sensor Data Acquisition

Sensors monitor parameters such as voltage, current, and temperature of individual battery cells within the battery pack, providing detailed information about the battery status.

●   Wireless Communication

Wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or proprietary wireless protocols are employed for data transmission between various components of the battery management system. This eliminates the need for cumbersome wired connections, enhancing system flexibility.

●   Data Processing and Analysis

The central control unit of the wBMS system receives data from sensors, processes, and analyzes it. This involves monitoring the battery's state, detecting potential issues, and implementing balancing measures.

●   Real-time Monitoring and Control

By continuously monitoring the battery status in real-time, the wBMS system can promptly respond and take necessary actions, such as adjusting the charging and discharging processes, ensuring battery safety and performance.

●   Remote Access and Control

Due to the wireless nature of the connections, wBMS systems often support remote access, allowing users to monitor and manage the battery system anytime, anywhere. This is particularly beneficial for applications like distributed energy storage and electric vehicles.

●  Eliminates Isolation

●  Simpler Assembly / Easier Maintanence

●  Reduce Wiring / Connection Costs

●  Reduce Failure Points

●  Safer

What we can provide?

1.Wireless BMS solution for vehicle and energy storage

●  High Reliability Hardware BLE module embedded firmware

●  Software Development Kit (SDK)

●  iOS/Android App development

●  Cloud application development

●  Customized development services for efficient integration of new features into existing smartphone apps


*Due to the characteristics of wireless communication, the actual communication distance is affected by antenna, surrounding environment, interference, shielding and other factors. In addition, under the same circumstances, a lower air rate can achieve a longer communication distance.