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LE Audio: The Future of Bluetooth® Audio

What is Bluetooth LE Audio?

A new standard for headphones with better sound quality, longer battery life. With the latest LE Audio specification, the way we experience audio is set to evolve. From Auracast™ broadcast audio and hearing assistance, to new use cases that have not been imagined yet, LE Audio has rekindled innovation in wireless audio and will be setting the stage for the next 20 years of innovation in the space.

Auracast™ Transmitter and Receiver

●  Augmented/Assistive Listening in Public Venues

●  Multi-Language Support

●  Tour Systems

●  Assistive Listening at Public Counters/One-to-One

●  Silent TV Screens

LE Audio advantages

Audio Quality 

●  Data rate

●  Rx/Tx time

●  Power Consumption

Product Size

●  Battery Size

●  Comfort

●  Power Consumption


●  Battery size

●  Power Consumption

LE  Audio Solutions

High-Quality conference speaker

●  The Low Complexity Communications Codec(LC3)

●  Support max 3 units for larger conferences

●  Plug-and-play connectivity via Bluetooth LE or USB 

●  Full compatibility with leading systems & VoIP clients

●  Omni-directional microphone array wider coverage 

●  Full duplex sound with echo cancellation 

●  A slim and ultra-compact design

HI-FI Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

●  ADI DSP ANC/Nordic Bluetooth LE

●  High-Quality Noise-cancelling performance

●  Low latency

What we can offer?

●  High Reliability Hardware BLE module embedded firmware

●  Software Development Kit (SDK)

●  iOS/Android App development

●  Cloud application development

●  Customized development services for efficient integration of new features into existing smartphone apps

*Due to the characteristics of wireless communication, the actual communication distance is affected by antenna, surrounding environment, interference, shielding and other factors. In addition, under the same circumstances, a lower air rate can achieve a longer communication distance.

AL310C LE Audio USB Dongle  

●  USB-Type C, adapt to a variety of smart terminals;

●  Small size, easy to carry;                                      

●  Plug and play,Convenient operation         


Typical Applications:

●  Auracast broadcast audio

●  USB to LE audio Stereo transmission

●  LE Audio hearing aids

●  Various wireless audio applications

Conference Microphone AL300L

●  Low Complexity Communication Codec

  LC3 audio coding combines high quality and low power consumption, offering superior coding efficiency and quality compared to traditional Bluetooth SBC coding.

●  Multi-Stream Audio

  Support for multi-stream audio enables a source device to simultaneously transmit multiple independent audio streams to one or more audio devices.

●  LE Audio

   LE Audio introduces broadcast audio, allowing an audio source to transmit one or multiple audio streams to an unlimited number of audio playback devices.