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Bluetooth Data Transfer Solution

A BLE AT command module is designed to communicate with other devices via a UART  and is configured and controlled using AT command instructions.  Bluetooth module can be in either of these 2 modes, data mode and command mode. when the module is in data mode, it can transfer data which means that it can make the connection with any device by wireless.

BLE AT command  modules are commonly used to simplify the development of wireless applications. Users can configure the module's operating mode, Bluetooth connection parameters, broadcast data, etc., by sending AT commands, while serial communication facilitates data exchange with other devices. These modules find applications in projects requiring wireless connectivity, such as sensor networks, wireless transmission, smart homes, and other related fields.

Bluetooth Master/Slvae Mode         
 BLE Mesh Networking       

What we can provide?
BLE AT Command Module/Mesh Module
The BLE AT-command module is an loT wireless solution, which can be directly used in mass production. lt aims to reduce customers development costs and quickly form products. Through the AT command module, you can quickly join the wireless network, connect to the cloud platform, realize data transmission and remote control functions, and realize the interconnection of everything through wireless communication easily.

●  BLE Master AT-Command Module, Slave AT-Command Module
●  BLE Master/Slaver AT-Command Module (Supports Master or Slave Modes )
●  BLE Master&Slaver AT-Command Module (Supports both Master and Slave Modes Simultaneously)
●  BLE Mesh AT Command Module /System
*Due to the characteristics of wireless communication, the actual communication distance is affected by antenna, surrounding environment, interference, shielding and other factors. In addition, under the same circumstances, a lower air rate can achieve a longer communication distance.