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Bluetooth AoA Indoor Positioning and Navigation Scheme Application ScenariosAuthor:Abluetech    Time:2023-11-08

With the rapid development of science and technology, Bluetooth indoor positioning technology has become more and more important, and Bluetooth AOA (Angle of Arrival) high-precision indoor navigation technology has become an innovative solution. It uses the arrival Angle of the Bluetooth signal to determine the accurate location of the user in the room, and provides the user with accurate indoor navigation services to help the user find the target location or navigate to a specific service area. At the same time, the high-precision positioning and indoor navigation functions of Bluetooth AOA technology make it have a wide range of application prospects in various application scenarios.

Mall and Shopping Center Navigation

In busy malls and shopping centers, users often get disoriented or can't find their target store. The Bluetooth AOA indoor navigation solution can help users find their target location more easily and provide a personalized shopping experience by providing real-time navigation guidance, location information of the target store, and promotional information.

Navigation of Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities are often complex buildings in which patients, visitors and staff can easily get lost. Bluetooth AOA high precision indoor navigation solutions can provide users with accurate positioning navigation services to help them quickly find the office, operating room or other service area they need, reduce lost time and improve the efficiency of medical services.

Airport and Station Navigation

Airports and stations are highly trafficked places where passengers need to quickly find boarding gates, waiting areas or other services. The Bluetooth AOA indoor navigation solution helps passengers navigate to their destination easily and efficiently, enhancing the overall travel experience by providing real-time navigation guidance, flight/trip information and baggage tracking.

Office Building and Conference Center Navigation

In large office buildings and complex conference centers, people often face the problem of not being able to find meeting rooms, offices or other key facilities. AOA high precision indoor navigation solutions provide accurate navigation guidance to help employees, visitors and meeting participants quickly find the target location, improve work efficiency and meeting experience.