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From Indoor Positioning to Indoor Navigation, Bluetooth AOA High-Precision Solutions Are Becoming PopularAuthor:Abluetech    Time:2023-11-08

The core technology of Bluetooth AOA high precision indoor navigation solution is Bluetooth Angle of Arrival measurement (AOA). AOA technology determines the user's exact location by deploying multiple Bluetooth base stations or nodes indoors and using an antenna array on the receiving device to measure the Angle at which the Bluetooth signal arrives. The following will introduce the working principle and application scenario of Bluetooth AOA high-precision indoor navigation solution.

The solution requires setting up a Bluetooth network that covers an area indoors, including multiple Bluetooth base stations or nodes. These base stations, or nodes, are distributed at different locations in the room and communicate with each other to obtain measurements of the Angle of arrival of the signal.

When the user needs to navigate indoors, the user device (such as a smartphone, handheld navigator, etc.) is connected to the nearest base station or node via Bluetooth. The antenna array on the user's device receives the Bluetooth signal from the base station or node and measures the Angle at which the signal arrives.

By collecting data on the Angle of arrival of signals transmitted by multiple base stations or nodes, the user device can use triangulation or other positioning algorithms to calculate the user's exact location. Based on the user's location and destination location, the navigation application can provide real-time navigation guidance to help the user accurately reach the target location.

Bluetooth AOA high precision indoor navigation solution has a wide range of application prospects in many application scenarios. For example, malls and shopping centers can use the technology to provide customers with personalized shopping guides to help customers quickly find stores of interest or areas with special promotions. Hospitals and medical facilities can use in-room navigation to provide accurate ward, office or operating room navigation to help patients, visitors and healthcare staff quickly find their destination. Airports and stations can use the solution to provide accurate gate, waiting area and baggage tracking services to enhance the passenger travel experience. Office buildings and conference centers can use in-room navigation to help employees and attendees quickly find meeting rooms, offices, or other critical facilities, improving productivity and the meeting experience.

These advantages make Bluetooth AoA high precision indoor navigation become an innovative solution to solve the traditional navigation system in indoor positioning accuracy and reliability. By combining the convenience and high-precision positioning capabilities of Bluetooth technology, we are able to provide accurate and reliable navigation services for a variety of application scenarios in indoor environments. The future development potential of Bluetooth AOA high-precision indoor navigation is exciting, and we can expect to see it widely used in shopping malls, hospitals, airports, exhibition halls and other places, bringing revolutionary changes to people's indoor navigation experience.