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Smart Phone Keyless Entry and Start-Up (PEPS) System SolutionsAuthor:Abluetech    Time:2023-11-08

With the rapid development of science and technology, people have put forward higher requirements for the way of unlocking and starting vehicles. The traditional key start method has been unable to meet people's needs for convenience, security and technology. In this era, the keyless entry and start-up (PEPS) system came into being. The system uses advanced Bluetooth wireless communication technology to realize the operation of unlocking, locking, opening the suitcase, starting the vehicle and automatically opening the headlights without the key, which greatly improves the convenience and safety of the vehicle.

What is a Keyless Entry and Activation (PEPS) System?

The Keyless Entry and Start (PEPS) system is a vehicle entry and start solution based on wireless Bluetooth communication technology. By binding smart devices to vehicles, the system uses wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth and NFC to unlock and start vehicles without physical keys. Compared with the traditional key start system, the PEPS system has higher convenience and security, representing the development trend of intelligent travel in the future.

Keyless Entry and Start (PEPS) Systems Offer the Following Advantages

(1) Cost: Compared with traditional key start systems, PEPS systems have lower hardware and software development costs, and can reduce the additional costs caused by lost keys.

(2) Use: The PEPS system provides a more convenient entry and exit and startup experience. Users do not need to carry physical keys, but only need to carry smart devices to complete the operation, which greatly improves the use experience.

(3) Technical: PEPS system adopts advanced wireless communication technology, has higher security, stability and reliability, and can meet the needs of various complex environments.

(4) Environmental Benefits: The PEPS system can reduce environmental pollution caused by manufacturing and discarding physical keys.